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Finland has always been a unique territory music wise. Here’s a force of nature from the land where oddity meets humanity and common sence is a daily procedure.

For many years Jonna Tarland (known in Finland by her given names, Jonna Tervomaa) wrote her music in Finnish: ”I felt it’s really, really important to make my music in my mother tongue, since it is such a rich, strong, unique and rare language. However, I have always thought my lyrics in English and it has brought new colors in my voice to light. Music is very much a language itself, and singing in English always felt very powerful.” 


Now, she releases her debut outside Finland.


Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, Big Star, REM) produced her last album ”Ääni” under the legendary Finnish label Johanna Kustannus (Universal Music Finland). Many ideas, as always, came first in English and Jonna translated those to Finnish and moved on from there. In the process Jonna translated the whole album to Ken, like a book. So the lyrics moved back and forth between two languages. Soon it became very natural to make this album in English too.

"So many people live away from their native language region or far away from home. We use different languages to connect. But your own way of thinking grows from your mother's tongue. That is something I have wanted to celebrate."


Ken's eclectic musicality gave him a wide range of possibilities -- with this he was able to preserve Jonna's vision intact in all its sensitive and singular otherworldliness. Cinematic in scope, the music soars, strikes, purrs and whispers in relation to Jonna's highly personal lyrics about life, loss, love, and letting go. Characters leading isolated lives, or questioning the nature of life's meaning come and go on a highly expressive stage. Sounds resonate with the electricity of modern synthesized beats and instruments, while acoustic drums and electric guitars add a deeply humanistic feel to the landscape.

Jonna's colorful voice has a grain that goes under your skin. She has her devoted audience in Finland and some massive hits in her body of work. ”I’ve always felt this call to write and perform in English, but life got in the way. Now, it’s my time to come out and find you.”


This is something new. Yet, music is so universal. Listen to the international debut of an independent, maverick artist and her work.


On tour with the Posies:

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